Our Story

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are that you have stopped by to read our story. My name is Melissa Krenz, and together with my husband Andy, we have created Lilies of the Field. But really, this entire business has a lot less to do with us and much MUCH more to do with our incredible God. If you had told me 4 years ago what I would be doing today, I would have laughed, but God has so radically changed my husband and I in such a short amount of time, that I must share with you our incredible life-changing journey.  

To give y’all a little background, (yes, we say y’all here because it is an EXCELLENT word), I have always believed that Jesus Christ is my savior. I was raised as a Christian and baptized with the Holy Spirit when I was 7 years old. I went to church almost every Sunday and youth group every Wednesday. But, even with all of that there was still so much I didn’t know about God.  I didn’t know what it meant to truly follow Jesus, I didn't know I could have a relationship with God, I didn’t know I could hear His voice every day, and I most certainly didn’t know I could live a life in perfect peacefulness. Like many people, Christian or not, I struggled with relationships, alcohol, body image, and anxiety (just to name a few). Every time I messed up (which was a lot), I would feel bad, ask God for forgiveness, and then find myself falling back into the same old habits. This cycle would continue for years, all the way into my 30’s, and I just thought that’s how life was supposed to be. The one thing I did get right was marrying the love of my life and my best friend Andy, which of course was God’s divine plan all along.

After getting married, Andy and I moved to Houston, Texas where we lived and worked for a number of years. We really loved Houston, but after a while there was a part of me that also really wanted to live abroad. I had a huge desire to travel and Andy was on the same page. I remember even asking God if He could help with this dream, but at that time it was just impossible for us, so I left it at that. Then, two years later, Andy’s company offered him a 3 year position to live and work overseas in Brussels, Belgium. We were so excited that we immediately accepted the opportunity and off we went! I was so thankful God had answered my prayer about wanting to travel, but little did I know He had SO much more instore for us.

After settling in to Belgium and being in Europe for less than a year, God began to teach Andy and I who He really was. I remember the first time I heard God speak to me, I didn’t even know it was HIS voice! That may sound confusing, but here’s how it all went down. I was in my bedroom one day, crying and acting like such a big baby because I was upset with a friend (this friend hadn’t even done anything that terrible, but I guess I just wanted to feel sorry for myself). Anyways, as I was crying, I suddenly heard the loudest thought ever that said, “Christians don’t act like this.”

This thought was so loud and so profound, I immediately thought back, “Well what do Christians act like???” This one thought, (which I later realized was God speaking to me), lead me on a great journey to discover what it really means to be a Christian and to follow Jesus. At the beginning of my quest, I began by listening to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer constantly on YouTube. I remember being insatiable during this time, watching every video I could find of them and absorbing everything they said. It was one of Joyce Meyer's sermons that got me to commit to reading my bible every day, and through reading my bible every day, the Holy Spirit began transforming my thoughts and actions. I found myself suddenly wanting to do what Jesus told us to do in His word, and as God helped me obey (which wan't always easy), my world became more joyful and Oh SO peaceful! 

Anyways, One night (about a year after I started seeking God) I was reading my bible, and came across Matthew 6:28, which is the "lilies of the field" scripture. This scripture talks about not worrying about your clothes because God knows that you need them, and He will provide you with all of your needs. It specifically mentions the lilies of the field, and how they are dressed more beautifully than king Solomon was. So if God will clothe grass so beautifully, how much more do you think he will clothe His children, who are invaluable and precious to Him?

I had read this verse before, but that night, it touched me deeply and I thought, “Wow God, that would be an awesome name for a clothing line. You should totally have someone do it!" without a pause, I immediately heard Him say back, “Yeah, Why don't you do it?"

"Wait, what?" This totally startled me, because all of my life I have been designing clothes, making costumes, and taking on all sorts of creative projects, but I had always done it for fun. I had once entertained the idea of being a fashion designer, and almost chose it as a major in college, but I believed the enemy’s lies that I wouldn’t succeed and that I wouldn’t make money at it. So I ditched that plan and went for a communications degree instead. Besides, who would ever think God would even WANT me to be a fashion designer?

I had always thought that to be a good Christian, you needed to be a pastor or a missionary or something that was an extension of the Church. But now I know that this is so not true! God purposefully gave me this creative gift, and it’s meant to display His glory here on this Earth. This gift was meant to give people an encounter with a truly loving, awesome God! So from  that moment in 2016, while living in Europe, I have been praying and dreaming with God about creating beautiful dresses and a beautiful company that not only captures His glory, but His power too. 

His power?” you might ask?…

YES! Since having a real and daily relationship with God, Andy and I have seen so many miracles. We have seen people healed physically, emotionally and spiritually right before our eyes. We have seen signs that make us wonder, and we have even seen the weather obey our commands. We have come to know that God’s Word is true, and it’s for anyone who believes and relies on Him. God didn’t create us for a boring life, He created us for an extraordinary, supernatural one!!! He created us to love Him, love others, and to bring Heaven to this earth. I mean, these past 4 years have been so exciting, I wish I had truly known God a lot sooner!  

At Lilies of the Field, we believe God values beauty (just look at the beautiful earth He made!) and we believe in His miracle power. Our dresses are anointed, set apart, and fit for royalty. We are always praying that our dresses will bring healing to those who need it, make you feel like the beautiful creation that you are, and bring you closer to the Most High, loving God. Some may say it's impossible, but with our God, all things are possible to those who believe.

We pray that our story encourages you to seek God for your own unique destiny (if you aren't already) and that our dresses bless you beyond measure. If God will do it for us, He will most certainly do it for you too! We are so thankful to Father God, Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ, for making this life possible.

Lots of Love to you and yours,

Melissa and Andy Krenz

Lilies of the Field - Melissa and Andy