Lilies of the Field - They Joy Dress
Lilies of the Field - They Joy Dress
Lilies of the Field - They Joy Dress
Lilies of the Field - They Joy Dress
Lilies of the Field - They Joy Dress

The Joy Dress

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See size chart
Model is 5'9 and wearing a size 26 dress (about a size 2)
    For more details, watch our "About the Dress" video below

      About the Dress

      The Joy dress is just that, such a JOY to wear! This dress is made of heavy, 100% polyester fabric that does not stretch or wrinkle, and, is fully lined in 100% taffeta polyester. One may think this dress might be difficult to move around in, but fear not! The sleeves have been designed to give maximum arm movement while ensuring that the dress never shifts from your torso. The skirt is delightfully full with loads of pleated fabric. All of our dresses are made right here in God's glorious USA, and you can clearly see and feel the difference in quality! Because this dress does not stretch, please carefully measure your size following our sizing chart.



      Joy dress fit:

      Our Model is 5'9 and a size 26 (about a size 2). This dress is a drop waist, so it may be too long on a person under 5'6'. We have provided all measurements. Please review them carefully before selecting a size.

      How to Measure:

      For the best possible fit, take a dress from your closet that fits you perfectly and is made of fabric that does not stretch! Lay the garment flat and pull tightly as you measure the bust, waist, and hips. 

       Now take your dress measurements and compare them to the "Joy" dress measurements below. Select the dress size that is closest to your dress measurements.

      *Note: These are not the same measurements as your body measurements. Dresses are given an ease (a little extra space for breathing and movement).

      Joy Dress Measurement chart:

       What if you don't have a dress to measure? No problem. Measure your bust, waist, and hips, and select the size below that is .5-1.5 inches LARGER than your body measurements.

      For example: Your bust is 32in, your waist is 26in, and your upper hips are 33in. You will best fit a size 26.

      Please keep in mind: If you are shorter than 5'6, your dress may need tailoring, due to the fact that this is a drop waist dress. Check measurements to be sure.

      A size 30 dress is about a women's size 6 for reference.